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Mobile Apps, the Internet of Things (IoT) and "comfortable computing" are primed to dominate the industry year on year.

In today’s sophisticated world, there is a great demand for secure and user centric mobile applications. IGI serves numerous mobile solutions to its customers on a variety of platforms and devices ranging from iOS, Windows, Android, HTML5, and many more. Our latest, cost-effective, good design and high quality mobility solutions are highly researched, worked upon, created and represented to the customers.


  • This is generally the biggest concern for businesses when it comes to deploying an enterprise mobility solution. While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has brought so many benefits for businesses, including the likes of increased productivity and cost saving, it has also brought with it many security challenges.
  • Adopting a BYOD strategy can lead to security risks, especially among enterprise CIO’s. Keeping sensitive corporate information secure is critical and therefore you can’t be too careful when it comes to BYOD.
  • "This is where enterprise mobility management solutions come in - harnessing desktop and app virtualization can ensure all business information is where it should be - in the data centre - accessed by the people that need to access it, and not stored on an endpoint device that could get misplaced on the tube or stolen from a handbag."
  • A good MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution will offer your enterprise flexibility and your IT department to apply different policies for different applications, user types and mobility scenarios.
  • Providing Mobile Data Access
    • It’s one thing mobilizing your workforce, however, employees need to be able to access company data on the go in order to make quick and decisive decisions.
    • Employees need access to the data that’s available in the office. Live data access from mobile devices will ensure your business and employees remain effective and efficient.
    • But once again, this does present some more security concerns. Enterprises must enable users to easily share data inside and outside the business with secure file sharing that’s integrated with backup.

    App Distribution

    • Making enterprise apps easily accessible can be quite complicated, from installing directly to each device to providing employees and users with tools to install themselves. This has created issues with managing UDID (Unique Device Identification) numbers to changing devices and more common BYOD policies.
    • More and more often, businesses are employing MAM services to manage app accessibility for users and the security of the content within the apps. Distribution needs to be thought through thoroughly to ensure all users have access to the app when required. Some enterprise applications can even be deployed on the consumer store, but be aware as anybody can then utilize the app. Therefore a suitable login process needs to be implemented.

    Multi-Platform Mobile App Development & Testing

    • In today's BYOD world, one of the major hurdles to mobility cited by IT professionals is around multi-platform mobile app development and testing. Hence mobile application development backlogs continue to grow, impacting employee productivity, customer service and competiveness while key business initiatives continue to be delayed or abandoned altogether.
    • The reason why there is such a chasm between demand for mobile apps and ability to deliver is the shortage of skilled resources that code-based development demands, particularly when it comes to supporting multiple mobile platforms and devices.

    Keeping Up with Technology

    • Once you've got your application up and running, the ongoing process of running it will throw up additional problems.
    • "Poor performance and speed are deal-breakers for a company when it comes to their enterprise apps. While some businesses would argue that part of this lies out of their hands - as the strength of data networks is of course not their responsibility - it will fall to them to develop apps that fulfil employees' requirements for functionality without being so clunky as to always require above average network connectivity to work.
    • "This may extend to providing users with some offline functionality or background synchronization options in instances when network performance is lacking."
    • "By abstracting back-end functions in the cloud, businesses can free up their resources to simultaneously focus on front-end development and develop strong mobile business models."

    MTG Advantage

    • Differentiated Mobility Architectures
    • Strategic mobility consulting capability
    • User interface design capability
    • Dedicated Collaboration Center and a state-of-the-art mobile usability lab
    • Ability to integrate across standard and proprietary back-end systems

    Our Mobility solutions help you make informed and intelligent decisions to achieve better business results. We enable you to experience a connected ecosystem centred on:

    Employee Services - for productivity improvement (up to 30%) through simple workflows and optimized processes

    Field Services - for seamless and affordable access to business critical information anywhere, anytime

    Consumer Services - for a unique customer experience through intuitive and personal interactions across touch points


    The services offered cover all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry, HTML5, SAP-SUP and associated server technologies, with scale and scope. We have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to deliver operational efficiency and use mobility to help you develop a competitive advantage.

    Strategy Services
    • Define mobility roadmap and identify key success factors for higher user adoption
    • Determine the best technology platforms, architectures and components for your present and future business needs
    • Accelerate industry research in emerging technologies
    Application Design and Migration Services
    • Design, develop, deliver and maintain enticing, feature-rich user applications
    • Migrate existing applications to new platforms and integrate mobile solutions with pre-existing applications
    • Reduce errors with automation tools, verification methods and data integrity checks
    • Speed time to market and cross-platform development
    Testing and Maintenance Services
    • Thoroughly test your mobile solutions
    • Collect, consolidate and analyze mobile application data with advanced data analytics and reporting tools
    Infrastructure Management Services
    • Host, remotely monitor and assure security compliance
    • Manage user access and handle data backup, archival and reporting tasks